Terms of Sale
All sales are final. Full payment for printing, graphic design, bindery,
shipping and handling is required before any work can begin. Print jobs
sent to press or printed on paper, are non-refundable.

Turnaround Time
We do not guarantee turnaround time. Our process takes one to two
business days for production excluding shipping. Factors such as
mechanical breakdowns and shipping company practices are out of our
control and we can not be held responsible if they affect a shipment from
arriving "on time". For this reason, we do not "guarantee" when a package
will get there, however you do have our promise to do "everything that is
reasonably possible" to get your package to its final destination in a
speedy fashion. Orders submitted Saturday or Sunday will be processed
on Monday.

We do not guarantee turnaround times for website projects as well. Based on common projects turnaround normally is 7 to 21 days however we can not be held responsible for unforseen delays due to client project contributions and/or lack of web ready content.

Refund Policy
Refunds are not given on Website Designs as all Sales are Final.

Refunds for print projects must be requested the same business day before the printingprocess begins. If an order is canceled the following day and the printing
process has not begun, a 3% surcharge will apply. The 3% surcharge will
not apply on orders canceled the same day that have not gone through
the printing process. The printing process includes layout, color format
check, raster image processing, creation of CMYK press plates, and
printing on paper. Web Designs, Website Designs or other graphic design projects do not qualify for refunds as they are work for hire projects.

Changing Files
Once a job has been sent to press, the process is final and changes can
not be made.

All complaints must be registered within 24 hours of delivery. We reserve
the right to judge what is a manufacturing error and defect.

Color Proofs
We are not responsible for color variations between submitted images and
final prints. If your job is color critical, you must request a color proof which
is an additional service not included in the prices advertised on this
website. If you have purchased our color proof service and received prints
that do not resemble the color and/or positioning on the final proof – we
will reprint the job at no charge. We reserve the right of final judgment in
matching the color proof to the prints.

Your Artwork
You are 100% responsible for the accuracy of your artwork. Please
proofread all text, make sure images are high resolution (300 dpi), and
CMYK color format. If you are submitting a postal mailer, please be aware
postal regulations change constantly, thus you are 100% responsible for
complying with current mailing restrictions in postcard mailer-side layouts.
Check with your local Post Office for the latest updates.

Sales Tax
All sales tax (6%) on purchases are included based on a MichiganTax. If a
customer is tax exempt, the exemption certificate must be sent or faxed to

The customer will indentify and hold harmless the printer, ModelWebWorks.com
, from any and all loss, cost expense, and damages on any and all
manner of claims, demands, actions and proceeding that may be instituted
against the printer on the grounds alleging that said printing violates any
copyright or any proprietary right of any person. You certify that you own
the rights to use the image(s) being reproduced on your order.

ModelWebWorks.com assumes no responsibility for delays caused by
delivery carriers or any damages resulting from the failure to receive a job
on time. Your order may arrive late due to unforeseen delays in delivery
service, the breakdown of equipment, illness, etc. Orders shipped by Air
Cargo (i.e., Delta Dash) must be picked up at the airport. Delivery to your
door is not included or available when you select Air Cargo (Delta Dash).

For more info, email us at design@modelwebworks.com
or CALL US AT 313.626.8694
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