Frequently Asked Questions

We at Model Web Works are dedicated to working with you to insure your success online and while you may have alot of questions, we have lots of answers. Here are just some of our most popular frequently asked questions.

How Can I Get Started?
Getting started with a website of your own is as simple as sending us an email, but we suggest floating around the internet to find sites that you admire, take notes on how you want to be portrayed online and compile your best images so a demo can be put together.

How Is My Site Put Together?
We use 3 of the leading web design programs (Dreamweaver MX, Flash MX, & Front Page) + HTML Coding

How Can My Site Make Money For Me?
There are varied methods of how to make money online with a website but going with our deluxe package is a good start. Generally with Model sites they're set up to take subscriptions where viewers pay a monthly fee to view content and setting up a store to sell merchandise always works too. Outside of that banner exchanges and good ol word of mouth is an excellent way to get out there.

What is the Turnaround Time for My Project?
Generally we give a window of 7-10 days to complete any web project (with overnight demos also being available) If there is a quicker deadline that must be met please let us know so we can make arrangements.

What If I Already Have A Website?
Model Web Works can help as well. We offer reduced rates for those that already have domains up and running and just want there design to be an attention grabber.


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